Welcome to the KHCIC website

Hello fellow Heathens, and welcome to our brand new website. The aim of the site is many fold.

First, we want to make sure we can give as much publicity to our Christmas Light Crowdfunding campaign. You can see a link to the page and how to donate right here: khxmaslightsfund/

Second, we would like to get you guys involved. Afterall, Kings Heath Community Interest Company is made up as a partnership between businesses and the community as a whole. Our aim is to find new ways to promote the Heath and to get more people sharing ideas. If you would like to be involved or have ideas for what can be done etc, then please use our lovely new contact form: kingsheathcic.co.uk/contact/

One of the other things we wish to do with the site is keep you updated on current projects and public meetings and you can do this at the blog page and the minutes page.

So please take the time to explore and don’t forget to donate to the Christmas Lights Crowdfund and share the page with others.

Finally, we would like to mention Emma Page from Nineteen76-Designs who has built the site for us.

Emma Page has been instrumental in getting the KHCIC website up and running. In under a week from when we first discussed the project with Emma she has managed to populate the website and get it live. We cannot thank her enough for helping us through the process and leaving us with a great site that we are proud to publicise. We couldn’t speak more highly of Emma – thanks again for your help.