Creative Hub?

There are many people in Kings Heath who are active artists, graphic designers, fabric artists, jewellers, performers, potters, stained glass makers, photographers, poets, makers, crafters, story tellers and so much more.

There is currently nowhere for these people to come together locally. Many of them go to Stirchley, Digbeth or elsewhere in order to play out their ideas.

There is no bespoke place for them to exhibit, share, perform or interact with the public, and vice versa, there is no one place where residents and visitors can go to see the creative work being done in Kings Heath.

We want to make a space. So we are seeking support in order to secure a venue. We will engage with the Council, local landlords, funding agencies, and you in our efforts to make it happen.

+ our aims

Currently, we think of this space as having three main roles

  • Exhibition space
  • Studio spaces
  • Networking and co-working spaces

With time and further resources, we envision the development of specialist facilities, retail space, courserooms, and more.

More broadly, we aim to create a sustainable long term hub for creatives; maintaining and developing arts, cultural and leisure attractions; encouraging innovation, increasing footfall and interaction.

We think this would help improve Kings Heath by:

  • Improving the appearance and maintenance of the local area
  • Encouraging thriving retail and entertainment areas
  • Encourage innovation and creative solutions to help Kings Heath
  • Restoring and bringing alive the area’s heritage assets.

+ creative participation

As a local initiative, this project needs your input!

If you are a local creative, local resident, business person or landlord, we need your views, and your support.

For creatives, we need input about your needs, priorities, and what you’re willing to commit to.

  • We have a series of questions to help us set priorities, and we want to hear your questions on what interests you. Please sign up to our creative stakeholders mailing list and join in the discussion.

For residents, we need to know what would attract and maintain your interest.

  • We need to hear your views on the development of creative resources locally. Please sign up to our bulletin and participate in that side of the discussion.

For businesses, we need to know what you’d support, and how you would do that.

  • please contact us directly, and we’ll set up a time to talk about it.

For landlords, we need to know what sorts of property you’ve got, and how you’d work with us to develop it.

  • Please contact us for further details of our aims and needs.

+ further info

We are currently talking with artists who describe themselves as:

Animators Ceramicists & Potters
Culinary Artists Designers
Digital creatives Fabric and Textile Artists
Feltmakers Film makers
Graphic artists & designers Jewellers
Landscape Artists Mosaic makers
Musical Instrument makers Musicians
Photographers Poets
Print and Paint media Puppetry
Sculptors Stained glass makers
Theatrical Woodcarvers

This is not an extensive list, and we haven’t made contact with everyone, so please let us know you’re here!

Our first informal survey of creatives identified the following priorities, with people listing up to three criteria for spaces they need. These figures are based on a range of ways that people got in touch – including email, facebook comments, messages, twitter, and in conversation.

Exhibition (and performance) space were listed as high priorities by over 70% of the creatives we asked. Many of those people also said that getting studio space was important, while a lower number of people included retail space, networking space, and other priorities.

This informal sample gives us something to focus on, and to investigate further. We need a much larger sample, and more detail. If you want to contribute, please click through to this survey, or contact us as described below.

+ get in touch

This project is being coordinated by KHCIC, under the working title of Creative Kings Heath. The email address for this project is Please use this address for queries about the project, the space, or to sign up to mailing lists.